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Sun Spirit was developed by a skipper who has owned personal yachts and has belonged to partnerships with shared-use yachts. From these experiences and learning situations, the fundamentals of quality service were developed. All of the good things about ownership were maintained, as the bad things about partnerships were eliminated. The end result, as you will see, is a unique and cost-effective way of enjoying a quality luxury yacht.

Sun Spirit is a California limited liability company committed to raising the quality of life for its members, and those groups that desire management services. A company is San Diego, California based and enjoys a year-around sailing climate. Sun Spirit not only caters to its local sailors, but reaches out to other states to provide a "condo" with a bay and ocean view for those special vacations.

Our philosophy statement, "Work a little, play at yacht", provides some insight into the playful and fun-loving attitude that will be part of the experience. Sailing is meant to be fun, not work. Sailing is meant to be exciting, not stressful. Sailing is the best medicine that a doctor can offer.

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